300 Years and Counting

A Time Machine propels three children back to 1680 and their parents must save them from the guillotine for a crime they didn’t commit.


The Silent Run

A hostile agent infiltrates an electronics company to spread a debilitating virus around the world and a fledgling scientist needs to get the truth out before she is taken out.

Out of Nowhere

If your geologist husband came back from a field trip to Africa, you’d expect him to bring home a couple of rocks and a souvenir, not a meteorite and a deadly virus.

And let’s say you’re a molecular biologist, you’d expect that virus to be killing him, not killing his cancer, right?​ ​And, you’d expect someone — anyone — to believe you.​

Notes of Endurance 

In 1940s Britain an accomplished pianist falls in love with a man who may just be her worst nightmare.