Izzy Vaughan

Izzy Vaughan spent many years as a professional singer, actor and voiceover artist, performing in numerous international opera and musical theater productions. She was the Head of the Voice Department at Germany’s largest performing arts academy, The Stage School in Hamburg.

Izzy recently adapted her first novel into a film and has been writing screenplays ever since. 

Vic Vaughan

Vic Vaughan trained as an opera stage director and spent a couple of decades creating world premiere productions including Feynman (2004) and Leave Me Alone! (2009), while also teaching at Oberlin College.

An increasing fascination with the evolution of onstage video led to a shift to writing exclusively for film, although she is still heavily influenced by the sonic universe of music/theatre.

Meet our Collaborators

Amy Simmons

 Amy Simmons is a freelance film journalist and writer based in Brighton, UK.

Her monograph on Lars von Trier’s Antichrist (2009) was published in July 2015 and her upcoming book on Jonathan Glazer’s Under The Skin (2013) will be published in April 2018 (both by Auteur Publishing).

Amy has written for Time Out London, Sight & Sound, the British Film Institute and Senses of Cinema.